Just like on eBay you have the buyers and the sellers, on YouTube you have the viewers and the creators. Everybody knows that. What is less well known, and even less well understood, is that between the buyers and sellers and between viewers and creators there are opaque algorithms that decide who gets to see what. These decisions are are optimized for what eBay and YouTube want and NOT for what the buyers, sellers, viewers, and creators want. For example, YouTube will promote videos that make more money, regardless of whether the content is good. They have also double standards when it comes to community guidelines. They cherry pick certain channels like mine to show they are enforcing the community guidelines but allow others who violate them to earn advertising. For example, this lewd channel still earns advertising revenue on some videos while my channel cannot earn advertising on any video because it is considered "sexually gratifying". Sadly, as individuals we have no recourse against these powerful corporations and their algorithms. The results is less content from creators like myself.


anonymous johnson

Date 10/25/2020

Have you ever considered Patreon? I think it would go well for you.

Chubby Vanessa

Date 10/27/2020 9:29:24 AM

Yes I did. I chose to set up my own website because it is more affordable for my fans and they just pay for what they want. Patron works with a subscription model which often leads to disappointments if there is not enough content in certain months. It would also create too much stress for me to have to create content every month. Now I can create content when I am free and in the mood without the pressure of having to do something every month.

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