Just launched ChubbVanessa.com !
Out of frustration with my weight gain, I set up my YouTube channel in 2016 to find out what people though of my weight gain. I never had any plans or expectations. In those four years, 50 videos drew more than 2,600,000 views and more than 12,000 subscribers despite me not being active for 21 months in 2016 and 2017. I created 70 minutes of video footage which were watched a staggering 19000 hours. Still small by YouTube standards, these numbers are way beyond my wildest imagination.

What was even more unexpected is that the channel helped me to evolve from resistance (wanting to lose weight) to acceptance (be OK with it) to loving the way my chubby body looks and feels. Today I feel much more happy and confident with my body compared to when I was slim. I never felt this sexy before and realize now I that I did not even know what feeling sexy meant when I was still slim. While I never gained intentionally, I love to indulge without having to watch my weight and enjoy the gains that come with it. So I stopped watching my weight and will allow it gradually go up further as long as my health permits. In view of this, I still balance the sinful stuff with healthy food and still exercise so my health is still fine, even though my BMI is already in the obese territory.

After a good start in 2016, I took a break from January 2017 until September 2018. From October 2018 until May 2019 things really took off and I qualified to become a YouTube Partner and start earning advertising money. YouTube promoted my channel and it skyrocketed, reaching 10,000 subscribers very quickly. Unfortunately, this was an anticlimax because YouTube reviewed my channel and determined that the nature of content was not suitable for advertising. I got kicked out of the YouTube Partner Program and could no longer earn advertising money.

I carefully considered many formulas to earn a little bit of money and decided having my own website was the best formula. Like most things in life, this was easier said than done. I put my heart and soul into this for the last two months and I hope you are as happy with the result as I am. This is what so many of you have been asking for the last four years, a way to support me and get more videos in return.

I did not want to join a membership site because the pressure of having to create content all the time would be too high and I do not want you to be disappointed that you pay for a membership and do not get enough content. With the current formula, you only pay for what you want whenever something becomes available. And there will always be detailed previews on my YouTube channel so you can make an informed purchasing decision. So it is a flexible formula for all of us. Of course, the better the site does, the more videos you will see on YouTube and here.

ChubbyVanessa.com is an additional option for you, not a replacement of my YouTube channel. I will be keeping my YouTube channel and continue to provide free videos as I have been doing for the last four years.

To keep as many fans as happy as possible, pricing will be kept really low at $1.99 for 4-5 minute videos and $2.99 for 9-10 for minute videos in 720p @ 30fps HD. For only $0.99 more you get the Full HD 1080p @ 60fps version which sharper detail and smoother movements & jiggle.

The first ChubbyVanessa.com video was 9:33 minutes, or 7 times longer than the average of 1:13 minute of my YouTube videos. The first video also featured 7 outfits instead of 1.

Moreover, as a time-limited
introductory offer, this first 9:33 minute video was available at the price of a 4-5 minute video until 31-AUG-2020.



Date 6/11/2020

Dear Vanessa, I am so thrilled to see your new website here, I will definitely be buying your content. It's been a pleasure and great entertainment watching you gain this last year, Your video's are such a joy to watch and I love the light hearted approach you take. I truly believe there is nothing unhealthy about any girl being chubby or even bbw, as long as you are active and eat healthy food with a sensible amount of exercise, it's your body and only you have the right to decide how you like it, if it feels right to you then it is perfect. Take care Vanessa and all the best with this brilliant and fun website of yours. Your fan Lenny

Chubby Vanessa

Date 6/15/2020 11:22:06 PM

Dear Lenny, Thank you for taking the time to craft such a thoughtful message. I agree 100% with what you wrote. I think it is a perfectly normal desire for guys to like chubbier women because being chubbier enhances our feminine curves which are signs of female fertility.


Date 6/11/2020

Congratulations! Love your video, not only the longest but also the very best so far!

Chubby Vanessa

Date 6/19/2020

Thank you Victoriano. I wanted to be sure people were happy with the money they spent.


Date 6/13/2020

Wow Vanessa, it looks like you've really let yourself go in this last month or so of quarantine. I mean that in a good way! You should check out abrathatfits on reddit. It might help you find some bras that fit you better and are more supportive of the weight of your breasts.


Date 10/17/2020

Hi Vanessa, did you ever get round to checking out abrathatfits? We're missing your videos by the way! I hope you post again soon.

Chubby Vanessa

Date 6/14/2020 11:04:27 PM

Thank you. You are right, I did let myself go but no regrets! I will check that out because it is not easy for me to find the right bras since I have a large cup size but smaller band size.


Date 6/16/2020

Vanessa you truly are a goddess, thank you for taking the time to support your fans through these videos, its much appreciated. It seems every time I see you you look more beautiful and curvy, keep it up!!

Chubby Vanessa

Date 6/19/2020

Thank you Max, very happy to hear you appreciate both the videos and my curves!


Date 6/17/2020

Vanessa, you have great video editing skills and it is great to see you put them to work - so many models have no clue on how to present their videos - so refreshing to see someone taking the effort. Question - have your parents been making any comment on your gain? Are they concerned? Do they know of your social media postings and/or this site? Regards, looking forward to more of your content.

Chubby Vanessa

Date 6/19/2020

Thank you Dave. It always feels great to be appreciated not just for my body but also for the effort it put into my videos. My parents are aware of my gains but not about my online projects which could probably mean an instant exile! Like most parents they are concerned about my health (which is still fine) and not being able to find a partner if I get too big. They say I should not let myself go at this early age. But gradually they are coming to accept this as the new normal because they see I am still healthy and feel more confident and happy in my chubby body than in my slim body.


Date 6/23/2020

I was preparing to buy your 720p video, with payment by Credit Card. I saw references to PayPal, but (at least not obviously) not whichever of the Credit Cards you recognize. (Maybe I should have selected "stripe", whatever that term is supposed to mean, but I don't like to experiment with money matters.) I await direction.

Chubby Vanessa

Date 6/23/2020

Thank you. "Stripe" processes most credit cards and is fully automated. Based on you feedback I changed it to "Credit Card" as "Stripe" was the default setting and indeed confusing. The PayPal.me option is a manual process. After you have made the payment of US$1.99 at https://www.paypal.me/chubbyvanessa I will manually set the status of your order in the system to "Paid" and you will receive your download link. With the PayPal.me option there could be a delay of a few minutes or a few hours depending on the time zone and when I am online. You can also email me at [email protected] for support.


Date 7/18/2020

Hey Vanessa I saw your YT channel and you inspire me. I read that you used to be slim but intentionally wanted to gain. I'm in that boat now. I'm 74kg and am 1,80m guy. I do have a soft belly but I want it to be bigger because the softness feels good. I think chubby women are beautiful and I'm envious of men. Problem is I have a hard time gaining weight consistently (I was once a few kg heavier). Which food do you recommend and if I were to snack daily and indulge myself how quickly would I get over 80 kg?


Date 11/27/2020

Hi Vanessa... Wow late response of me, but thanks for the reply! Well since last time I've gained weight and a bigger belly. In summer I stayed more or less the same but as of now I'm 80 kg and a waist of 93 cm, so it's a big gain from last time! I think what really makes the difference is I'm not holding back when I want to eat. Like you said, eating in the evening helps.. I like eating chunks of cheese in the evening, and I eat a slice of cake or a cookie with morning and afternoon coffee, so that helps. My love handles are very noticeable now without clothes and my belly is bloating. Others will think me crazy but I love the look and feel of it.

Chubby Vanessa

Date 7/19/2020 10:10:14 PM

I never put on weight intentionally, it just went up gradually over time. Three things I noticed though, eating more in the morning makes you lose weight as it fires up the metabolism early in the day. Eating more at night makes you put on weight because instead of burning the calories they get converted into fats. Finally, not all calories are the same. So 500 calories from say ice cream are more easily converted into body fats than say 500 calories from vegetables. For your health it is best to gain gradually and balance sinful food with healthy stuff and exercise.


Date 12/15/2020

I love your videos. They are very inspiring to gain weight myself. I am a man with a few extra pounds and I admit that females are sexier with a chubby belly and body. You are confident in your abilities and that is noted by a lot of people. Keep up the gains and I can’t wait for your next YT video.

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